What is the Stars Factory?

It is our selection and training school to discover your superpowers and become the entertainer of the future!

We believe in superheroes and know that everyone has superpowers, and Stars Factory is the right event to discover them!

3 days of free training, where weโ€™ll allow you to live the real holiday resorts atmosphere, preparing the future STARS for the fieldwork.

100 candidates are led by 12 instructors, who will prepare them in all the sectors.

We look upon every sector with infinite care, creating specific classes where we simulate the real functions in holiday resorts.

There is the contact sports class where the tricks of the trade will be revealed, The area dedicated to the management of children with the kids club class, Fitness and dance where real choreography will be assembled and where it is explained how to perform these activities and best manage a class with guests.. evening parties and much more!!!!

The Factory is a real โ€œstageโ€. Where the staff have the chance to perform and get in the game, making the utmost of their capabilities.

Foreign languages are very important.
We usually test them through individual interviews during the Factory.

While through group lessons we simulate the different activities usually proposed in the resorts.

Want to take the first step and join Stars Factory?

You will discover your aptitudes, the role you are best suited for, and most importantly learn how to work in a team.

During these 3 days you will get to prepare a show with the other Stars, do group activities, and get to know in depth other kids with the same passions as you. You’ll get to know your coaches and their career path better, have lots of food for thought and inspiration!

Factories are training events but also selection events: Our coaches will conduct a careful assessment and the most suitable resources will be selected through a ‘final scrutiny activity.

And…hold on to your hat, at the end of the 3 days you may have the chance to have a destination assigned…in some cases with immediate departure!

Training is one of our strengths to which we devote about 900 hours,
would you like to join the Family?