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Who is the Contact Entertainer

He/She is the soul of the resort, a friendly presence and a discrete confidant. His best weapon? His/Her smile!

His/Her day is spent having fun with guests, listening and talking, with the right mix of cheerfulness and moderation.

From the beach to the pool, his/her essential task is to create a relationship with adults and children, girls and boys, knowing how to recognize who is before him/her, modeling the conversation according to the listener, choosing the right topic.

Like a chameleon, He/She can be an elder brother or sister for teen-agers, a son or daughter for families, a grandchild for old people and a funny fellow traveler for young couples.

Charm, friendliness and diplomacy are his/her personal and professional characteristic; the Contact Entertainer has no specific artistic talent, his/her stage is the beach. He/She will show all his/her communicative talent during the day, conquering the audience during theatre performances.

You don’t need to have relevant artistic skills, your stage will be the beach. You will show off your communication skills during the day, but you will still be one of the protagonists during the evening activities and shows. Conquering the audience during theater shows will be your mission!

Some benefits:

The Contact Entertainer of Stars Be Original

But…. “Do I need to know languages?”

The Contact Entertainer can speak English and French, which allow him/her to create relationships also with international guests. Having a knowledge of different languages ensures more job opportunities.

But…. “what is the minimum age?”

The minimum age is 18. A true professional investment in your future makes you upgrade to new important roles, even up to Chief Entertainer.

In order to become a Contact Entertainer, you have to attend a 3-day training Stars Factory in an Italian hotel. During the Stars Factory, you will be pleasantly projected into the world of resorts through theoretical and practical lessons to learn the basics of this beautiful job.

It is only with time and experience in the field, however, that you will acquire the true essence of what we consider the most beautiful job in the world.

Putting yourself out there is really the most important thing!

Stars Be Original gives you the opportunity to work on the most beautiful beaches around the world 12 months per year, ensuring a good business continuity.

Our work is not only seasonal, it lasts 365 days. We never stop! Effort and dedication are the code words for a further collaboration. Besides, how great is it to learn about different cultures and countries all the time?

AlpitourWorld Group is our main customer and the biggest Italian tour operator. With them you will work in more than 300 resorts all over the world, bettering yourself as an entertainer of the future.


Why being a Contact Entertainer?

Because it is a team effort that will give you the foundation for , thanks to which you can make village guests experience unforgettable moments that will remain in their (and your) memory for a lifetime. You can live a dream and you can make it live for all guests. Give them energy, charge and the most important thing… A BEAUTIFUL SMILE.

You will contribute to the well-being, fun and relaxation of so many people, it will be a great satisfaction!