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Who is the Photographer Stars Be Original

“The desire to discover, the desire to move, to capture the flavour, three concepts that describe the art of photography” as Helmut Newton said, represent the Photographer in our resorts.

The Photographer has an independent role, he/she plans and administers his/her work, with stolen shots, real photo books and sales. On the one hand a passion become a profession to be carried out in the most beautiful places in the world. On the other hand learn essential marketing and sales techniques, which will lead to good profits.

Artistic streak, flair and creativity spice up this profession, taking the perfect picture and moving the protagonists.

Some benefits:

Do you want to be a Photographer?

Do you dream of being a Photographer?

Previous experience in Photography Schools or Courses will be an excellent business card, but passion and the knowledge of the work instruments do not exclude the opportunity to start this career.

We always remember that the best school is experience, in our case the resort. If you dream of becoming a photographer, it’s the right moment!

The knowledge of foreign languages is important, especially English and French, to be able to communicate with locals and international guests.

The minimum age is 18. There’s no maximum age limit, you only need good will and a camera!

This role will allow you to work all year round. The most beautiful locations in the world will be the background of your professional shots and the panorama of your day off, where you can let yourself go with your camera.

Our main partner is the AlpitourWorld Group, a professional tour operator made in Italy. What are you waiting for?

Why being a Photographer in the resorts?

In the simplicity of a shot you can enclose the memories of our guests, who will continue to experience the unique sensations of the holiday thanks to your photographs.