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Mini / Junior Club


Who is the Mini Club Entertainer

The Mini Club Entertainer is one of the most unforgettable roles for the guests of the resort, especially for families, because he/she gives moments of fun that live up the children and parents’ stay.

This role takes on a great responsibility: that’s why our staff is highly qualified, he/she knows and enforces all the rules and regulations. He is always smiling and has the ability to engage all types of characters right away; limiting the overly exuberant child and quickly integrating the more introverted. He has a strong dose of patience, an ever watchful eye at every move, and excellent organizational skills.

Knows and enforces all expected, child-related regulations (hygiene/health, recreational play, safety). Has a good aptitude for performing manual and creative workshops. Interfaces with sector contact person and or responsdible, following their directives.

Who is the Junior Club Entertainer

The Junior Club Entertainer has to do with teenagers. His/Her strong sensitivity makes him/her understand their interests, creating and organizing daytime and evening activities.
That’s one of the most difficult roles for sure, it requires great responsibility and a lot of creative flair. It is not easy to spark interest in teenagers and create a close group. He/She works with his/her managers, in order to organize funny but carefully supervised events.

He also possesses, a basic knowledge of the sports present in the village, manages its organization of a tournament dedicated to his own age group and is an excellent connoisseur of Social, trends, and Digital trends that allow him to speak the same language as the children in his group.

Do you want to be a Mini or Junior Club Entertainer?

The Mini and Junior Club Entertainers of Stars Be Original

The world of the little ones is something we take very seriously, which is why in the village, there are specific roles designed to make the vacation enjoyable not only for the kids, but also for their moms and dads.

The Miniclub is a little magical world of colors, lights and smiles. It is Peter Pan’s Neverland, it is Alice’s Wonderland. It is a place run by highly qualified staff, capable of approaching children in a loving and fun but above all responsible way.

But what exactly does the person in charge of the Miniclub do?

Safety First. All games and play activities, are conducted in safe and controlled environments by our staff.

Of Education, because in many cases, there are also specific appointments related to local culture, foreign languages, customs and traditions of our host places.

Of Integration, because we often find ourselves playing together with children from all over the world and not only from all over Italy.

Whoever is in charge of the Miniclub must have excellent organizational skills, understand on the fly the characters and needs of each individual guest, constantly interface with parents in order to keep them involved in the progress of the vacation.

And just because we are talking about vacation, every evening we then go wild with dancing, singing and games in the theater with the very famous Minidisco!

Different then is the Junior club, as different is each stage of growth. In the Junior club, activities are transformed by adapting to the needs of teenagers. Aggregation is the primary goal of those who manage teenagers who also expect excitement, sensations, adventures and group seflie from a vacation, with new friends they will carry in their hearts forever.

So off to great chats together by the sea, board games while the “grown-ups” sunbathe, endless games of beach volleyball and table football, Ping Pong tournaments and foosball challenges, all expertly coordinated by a dedicated entertainer.

Stars Be Original offers the opportunity to work on the world’s most beautiful beaches twelve months a year, providing excellent work continuity. Commitment and dedication are the watchwords to aspire to be reappointed for the next season.

Demonstrating passion and enthusiasm for the job, the miniclub/juniorclub entertainer will have the opportunity to learn about cultures and countries that are always different.

HOW CAN I BECOME mini/junior club entertainer?

Here are some benefits:

Alpitour World Group is our main client and the largest tour operator in Italy. Together with them, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to work in over three hundred facilities around the world and hone your skills as the entertainer of the future.