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Who is the Sound and Light Technician

The Sound and Light Technician (hereinafter referred as TSL) is the most competent member of the staff in the field of sound and lighting technology. His/Her main feature is the excellent expertise in preparation and management of live shows. He/She ensures sound quality, setting up and operating audio and video equipment (such as players, computers, musical instruments).

In the music entertainment stage, he is a keen observer of acoustic volumes and guest, hotel, and manager satisfaction with the type of music offered; always aimed at the taste of those in front of him and never the staff.

The SLT, (sound and light technician) is the most competent and knowledgeable staff figure in the audio/sound field, with strong professional qualities in the field of information technology, always on the cutting edge with technology and able to make an entire theater shine with thousands of colors through a mixer, give deep emotions with just the right music to make you dance on any occasion and connect the work of an entire team to the entire audience.

SLT challenges its work every day by not only putting its staff to work on everything related to showmanship, but also on the technical preparation of equipment, staying connected with current trends.

Here are some benefits:

The Sound and Light Technician STARS BE ORIGINAL

To become a sound and light technician, participation in the Stars Factory, the three-day training that takes place inside an Italian hotel facility, is required, during which the resource will be catapulted into the world of resorts, through theoretical and practical lessons for learning the basics. It is only with experience in the field, however, that one acquires the true essence of what we consider the most beautiful job in the world.

The minimum age is 18. By investing seriously and professionally in one’s future, within a few years it is possible to change roles and even aspire to become an Animation Leader.

Stars Be Original offers the opportunity to work on the world’s most beautiful beaches twelve months a year, providing excellent work continuity. Commitment and dedication are the watchwords to aspire to be reappointed for the next season.

By demonstrating passion and enthusiasm for this job, the sound and light technician will have the opportunity to learn about ever-changing cultures and countries.

Alpitour World Group is our main client and the largest tour operator in Italy. Together with them, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to work in over three hundred facilities around the world and hone your skills as the entertainer of the future.

HOW CAN I BECOME Sound and Light Technician?