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Who is the Chief Entertainer

A central role and point person for the entire entertainment team, The Chief Entertainer manages all daytime and evening staff activities within a resort. He or she is also the point of reference, as far as the animation sector is concerned, for the most important departments within the resort. Organizes and monitors the execution of the format required by the target brand, collaborating consistently and effectively with the entire hotel.

What does the Chief Entertainer do?

Putting his experience at the service of his youngsters, he becomes their leader, inspiring them to perform their duties to the best of their ability. He has knowledge of all the entertainment roles, because he himself has held them in previous seasons. Leads by example, showing up on time for every appointment and always putting himself at the forefront.

He/She has developed artistic skills and uses the microphone in a very excellent way. He/She has a strong sense of responsibility and leadership, as well as collaboration and problem solving skills.

the leader of a team

In international hotels, the Chief Entertainer interacts also with other teams and their managers, tailoring programs to suit all international guests needs.

By becoming a Chief Entertainer you will be the trait dโ€™union between the hotel management, the tour operator and the animation company. Together with the assistance, with whom it will be essential to establish an excellent cooperative relationship, you will have the task of ensuring the correct and complete execution of the format, constantly communicating with the headquarters also for the bureaucratic aspects of staff management.

The entertainment, led by its leader, is the feather in the cap for those who decide to take a holiday in a tourist resort. There usually is a loyal relationship between the Chief Entertainer and the guest, whose holiday choices are often influenced by the staff.

Thatโ€™s why it is very important to have an advanced knowledge of foreign languages. From English to Spanish, via French, as a Chief Entertainer you will need to be able to converse with ease, alternating between Italian and the different idioms even using a microphone, in order to be able to communicate and promote activities to all the guests in the facility.

Do you want to be a Chief Entertainer?

The Chief Entertainer of Stars Be Original

To become Chief Entertainer you must have a good experience in the other entertainment roles. This role begins as a beautiful work experience in the most beautiful places in the world and becomes a real profession, giving artistic and technical skills.

There are several steps to becomming a staff supervisor, but the most important one is the ability to be a LEADER. A Chief Entertainer does not give orders: he/she carries out the tasks first, being a good model of behavior, motivating the members of the staff.

There is no specific age to becoming a Chief Entertainer, itโ€™s determined by the experience acquired in the tourist resorts.

Dedication and drive ensure continuity of work between seasons. You can work 365 days a year for the greatest tour operators in the world, in dream destinations and in enchanting hotels.
The AlpitourWorld Group is our main partner, to which we offer our entertainment services all over the world. A professional company offering more than 300 hotel facilities in dream destinations. The different brands that comprise it seek responsible figures and careers that are different from each other, catering to all tastes.
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Some benefits:

Why be a Chief Entertainer in resorts?

This job is a way of life, a way of being. Living 365 days in the heat, getting to know the most beautiful places in the world and working with big goals: to lead a team and help them do their best work and make people smile! Those who do this work don’t need great motivation, they just need to decide when to go on a journey that will surely change their lives.

Meeting hundreds of new people every week is a personal enrichment that will remain in your heart forever, and it will also give you the ability to better understand who you are dealing with and their needs.

Do you want to be a Chief Entertainer?