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Who is the Content Creator

The Stars Be Original Content Creator is a new, dynamic figure with a lot of desire to do and tell the story of the village experience! (whether Social needs us to tell you? 😜)

The Content Creator in villages will be in charge of producing content required by HQ, videos, Reel, Tiktok, trends will be your bread and butter!

You will have to be informed about everything that is tourism news and more, curiosities of the place, the structure and towards the whole world around you.

It is a digital plus within our large family that increases the offer we can make to our partners.

Here are some benefits:

the Content Creator STARS BE ORIGINAL

The Content Creator must be familiar with the rules of social media and must manage his or her role with freshness, dynamism, creativity and great professionalism. Punctuality is one of the most important superpowers!

The main activity will be that of animation, you will actively participate in all the animation activities in the village and be in all respects part of the team!

Our Content Creator’s experience can come either from master’s degree in influencer marketing, or from self-taught experience related to the world of social and web.

It’s an all-developing and ever-changing role, Stars will give you the opportunity to make yourself known and increase your fanbase, to learn and do constant training.

Foreign languages are very important for a modern Influencer, especially English, in order to reach the largest number of people and bring them closer to the world of resorts and the brand STARS work for.

The minimum age is 18 and there is no maximum age limit, even though youth and dynamism will help him/her to keep up with the times.

This job offers an employment for 365 days a year. Working for a brand that will offer you the most beautiful destinations in the world! What Else?

AlpitourWorld Group is our main partner. It is the first tour operator in Italy, symbol of professionalism and of course a great incentive to do better, offering a modern and ad-hoc product.

Don’t wait, start making people dream!

Why being a Content Creator in holiday resorts?

It is a visionary’s job, projected into the future and can open a thousand paths to the world ahead. Being Content Creator in a village means being the bridge of dreams for many people who, thanks to your valuable work, travel and will travel to wonderful places, experiencing unforgettable emotions and realizing the most beautiful dreams.

Do you want to be a Content Creator of Stars Be Original?