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Who is the Set Designer

He/She is a creative person, with good artistic and manual skills, able to set up stage areas, according to the requests of the Chief Entertainer. He/She knows all the safety regulations to build a theatre stage.

The Set Designer can draw, paint and build, often using different tools or equipment (paint brush, spray gun, pencil, spray paint).

He/She is an all-round artist. The Set Designer has the task of building “the world out there”. He/She is an artistic individual, which means he/she is creative, expressive, and innovative: the only limit is the area at his/her disposal. The Set Designer is behind the scenes, but he/she is the real asset of a performance’s success. Everything, through him/her, can come alive.

By becoming a Stars Be Original set designer you will be the creative mind behind the success of a musical, a play, the whole team! You will be able to accomplish anything with everything at your disposal. Wood, Styrofoam, brushes, paints, tools, even scrap materials. Everything, through your work, will be able to take on new life.

But what are the characteristics to fill this role?

First of all inventiveness, then all the artistic knowledge suitable for the purpose.

The being able to turn imagination into reality!

Another key component of the scenographer is then the ability to see in an empty space the perfect finished overall setting, as if it were a virtual track to be filled in, complete with detail and minutiae.

Here are some benefits:

The Set Designer of Stars Be Original

“Do I need to know languages?”

A good set designer possesses a fair knowledge of English and even better French, skills that are important to cope with a performing season even in destinations with a strong presence of international guests. Having a knowledge of different languages ensures more job opportunities.

“What is the minimum age?”

The minimum age is 18. A true professional investment in your future makes you upgrade to new important roles, even up to Chief Entertainer.

To become a Stars scenographer, participation in the Stars Factory, the three-day training that takes place inside an Italian hotel facility, is required. During the Stars Factory, you will be pleasantly projected into the world of resorts through theoretical and practical lessons to learn the basics of this beautiful job.

It is only with time and experience in the field, however, that you will acquire the true essence of what we consider the most beautiful job in the world.

Putting yourself out there is really the most important thing!

Stars Be Original gives you the opportunity to work on the most beautiful beaches around the world 12 months per year, ensuring a good business continuity. Our work is not only seasonal, it lasts 365 days. We never stop! Effort and dedication are the code words for a further collaboration. Besides, how great is it to learn about different cultures and countries all the time?

Alpitour World Group is our main client and the largest tour operator in Italy. With them you will work in more than 300 resorts all over the world, bettering yourself as an entertainer of the future.

HOW CAN I BECOME Set Designer?