Do you want to be a


Who is the Traveler

The Traveler is a new role in the world of tourism which is becoming more and more important. It is a figure that perfectly combines the role of the Tourist Assistant and the one of the Influencer, the PR and the Explorer.

He/she knows in depth the destination, shares it with the guests and writes about it on social networks.

He/she is the person the guests can refer to because he/she helps them to enjoy the destination as best they can. He/she guides them to unknown places to live unique experiences for a real unforgettable stay.

He/she creates relationships with local agencies, perfects new excursions and fully lives the destination, discovering its essence.

The Traveler is a travel lover, he/she knows how to communicate with others and how to live and describe traditions and the people of those locations.

He/she has a radiant personality, able to become the protagonist of what he/she tells, trying to communicate all the emotions of a place.


He/she is ready to share his/her charm and passion with his/her guests.

For a Traveler, languages are very important. English, French and Spanish are essential to create relationships with locals, the constant background of his/her work experience.

Do you want to be a Traveler?

To become a Traveler you need some experience in the tourism industry as a Tourist Assistant, Entertainer or other roles that can help you knowing how to stay with people, understanding their needs, satisfying their demands, and making them discover the beauty around them.

The Traveler doesn’t have a specific age but must have gained some experience in this field. Recommended age: from 24 up to 35 years.

You can work 365 days a year for the greatest tourist companies in the world, in amazing destinations and charming hotel facilities.

The AlpitourWorld Group is our main partner, to whom we offer our entertainment services all over the world.
A professional group providing us more than 300 hotel facilities in the most fascinating places.

Why being a Traveler?

Because it’s a dynamic and lively role, full of things to discover, encouraging personal and professional development.
Always in contact with the public, in dream locations.

This job is a way of life, a way of being.
Living 365 days under the warm sun, discovering the most beautiful places in the world and working for just one big goal: travel!

To start this profession you don’t need a great motivation: you just have to decide when to leave for a journey that will change your life.